Meet Miika



Estonian/Canadian artist creating hallucinatory, immersive installations and artworks from an eclectic range of materials including colorful faux fur, iridescent wrapping paper, faux plants, LED lights, spray paint, spray foam, glitter, puff paint, plexiglass, and found objects/toys that she finds on her travels or has been collecting over the years.

Growing up in California where the rave scene is quite big, she began to take part of the rave community from the age of just 13 years old. She has since become more involved than ever. She's fascinated by the euphoric atmosphere, creativity, and sense of acceptance and freedom these events bring. Rave culture and her free-spirited, artistic upbringing have been the driving forces of her artwork.

Her highly detailed works contain notions of abundance, utopian dreams, humor, and pure pleasure. She is now focused on creating large-scale interactive installations for raves and music festivals. She also produces unique graphic designs for local stores to promote new content, upcoming sales, and create a cohesive brand feel across social media platforms.